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September 7, 2017

15 People Having Too Much Fun With Statues

While on a tour, everyone wants take pictures of the famous places, hot spots, waterfalls, monuments and statues. While taking the pictures with statues, some people even take some fun snaps with them, like initiating them, getting into illusion of being of them, well there are many. Scroll down to get a glimpse and feel of the fun they had while taking these pictures:

This child is so cute and adorable, good thought.

That’s how you punch when someone is disturbing you so much.

Must say he can imitate quiet well.

This man is getting punished for his sins.

She doesn’t mind getting eaten up by this statue.

And they all don’t getting eaten up by this one.

He is practicing his lessons with the little girl.

High five with the statues.

Riding the cycle.

Learning to box around at a tender age.

Roar of a lion

He wants to have bite from their ice-cream

He doesn’t mind getting beaten up.

This dad is taking lessons from the statue.

That’s one hell of a ride.

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