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August 28, 2017

Ram Rahim Family history : know everything in details about the controversial Spiritual Guru

Ram Rahim Family history : know everything in details about the controversial Spiritual Guru
The administration well anticipated the violence that followed the conviction of Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim. The controversial spiritual Guru is said to have approx five crores follower globally. His story of rising to the rank of Dera Chief is also interesting. Gurmeet Singh becomes Huzzor Maharaj Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim Ji at the young age of 23. Before becoming an ascetic, he too had a family life buy he denounced it. However, he continued to be the head of his family, and his life is as colourful as he present’s it.
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Gurmeet Singh father Maghar Singh was a landlord in Rajasthan Sri Ganganagar District, and his mother Naseeb Kaur was a God fearing lady. His father came in touch the Dera chief quite early in his life. The Dera attracted followers from mainly the backward and daily sections of the society who weren’t given the equality Sikhism promised. It was founded by Baba Balochistani Beparwah Mastana Ji.
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Maghar Singh was the flower of Dera chief Satnam Shah and devoted much time is spreading the message of his spiritual Guru. However, Maghar son Gurmeet wasn’t as religious, but he followed his father to the Dera.
Gurmeet Singh raising to the rank of Dera chief is credited to his friend Gujrant Singh. Gujrant was jailed after he avenged his uncle’s murder and in prison, he was influenced by the Separatist Khalistani militants who radicalised him.  Henceforth he becomes a Khalistani terrorist and quickly rose through the ranks.
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Gurmeet Singh was meanwhile doing all odd jobs at the Dera like driving a tractor and assisting his father in his works. The Dera chief Satnam Shah on an unexpected move announced that he would retire after announcing a successor. He appointed Gurmeet Singh as his successor and gave him the name Huzoor Maharaj Gurmeet Ram Rahim. There are rumours in Sisra that his militant friend Gurjant Singh and his revolver played a crucial role in the whole process.
Gurmeet Singh had two daughters and a son when he became the Dera Chief and later he adopted a girl named Honeypreet as his third daughter. All his daughter call him Papa’s angel and all his devotees also call him Pitaji or Papaji. His two daughters namely Charanpreet and Amarpreet are both married. Gurmeet Singh’s son in law assists him on his MSG business. His son is married to a Congress MLA daughter.
Ram Rahim has built a cave in his Dera where he reportedly mediates and sexually exploits women . His private residence was graded by his trusted gang of girls round the clock. The rape was called an act of pardon (maafi) by the Guru. This game of exploitation was revealed when a Dera Sadhvi finally wrote an anonymous letter to the then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The complainant alleged that she was called in the gufa (cave) by Pitaji on the night of August 28, 1999, for granting maafi (Pardon). The victim escaped with her brother who was later found murdered.The Punjab and Haryana High court took a suo motto cognizance of the letter and directed the CBI to register a case of sexual exploitation against Gurmeet Ram Rahim.
There are still many other women’s who have been exploited by him but remained silent out of fear. Gurmeet Ram Rahim is a very influential person, and I’m a list of most powerful individuals in India he secured 96th position. With over five crore dedicated followers behind him who would trust him blindly, it deters the victims to stand up against him.

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