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August 30, 2017

9 Shocking Japanese School Rules

There will always be differences in the world. Be it a difference between people, culture, tradition, or rules. But if you think about it, it’s rather a beautiful thing.
When we travel different places, we meet different people. We encounter some different traditions and practices. Some kind of struck us weird to us while there are some that we like and start following. Obviously, every country has its own differences and practices.
Japanese School Rules
For example, if we talk about America, tipping is compulsory there. While in the UK, there is no such rule. The biggest examples of cultural differences are the school rules in USA and Japan.

So here are 9 shocking Japanese school rules that would never work in American schools

1. No hair styling

Hairstyling is not allowed in Japanese schools as they believe that styling would easily distract other students. Boys are allowed to have a simple haircut with no layering while girls have some options. They can keep their long locks free or tie them up but any form of styling is prohibited.
Japanese School Rules

2. No makeup or fancy accessories

Children in Japan are encouraged to focus only on their studies and nothing else. People there believe that their child’s grades are a reflection on their family and how they’ll do in life. Girls are not allowed to wear makeup, paint their nails, or even shave their legs!
Japanese School Rules

3. No dating

This is obviously a tough rule for Americans. Japan does not allow its students to date while they are still at school. Acting on your feelings are strictly banned.
Japanese School Rules

4. No substitute teacher

If a teacher is absent in Japan, then the class simply works on their own. There is no substitute teacher, instead, the students are trusted to work by themselves. Japanese students have great discipline, which means they can study without a teacher if needed.
Japanese School Rules

5. Greetings is must

According to the Japanese School Rules, it is compulsory for students to greet their teachers in the morning. For some schools, it’s even a strict tradition to start the day off with some meditation.
Japanese School Rules

6. Uniforms are necessary

All Japanese schools have their uniforms and students are to wear them as they are representing the said school. Boys are required to wear black suits, while girls are required to wear plaid skirts.
Japanese School Rules

7. It’s forbidden to get late

It’s strictly forbidden in Japan to come late to classes unless there’s an emergency situation. While this is true for many schools, it is worth noting that Japanese students are extremely punctual. Most of the students even stay late for extra-classes or after-school activities.
Japanese School Rules

8. Food from home – not allowed

In Japan, it is the duty of the school to provide the students with food. That way, even the students from a poor background doesn’t have to miss a meal. Students are allowed to have a bowl of fish, rice, and soup but they are punished if they don’t finish every bite.
Japanese School Rules

9. Only one break

The only break they are allowed is a 5-week summer break, which is usually placed in the middle of the term.
Japanese School Rules
Which of these Japanese school rules did you find the most shocking?

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