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August 31, 2017

10 Most Naughty WhatsApp Chats Between Girl And Boy !

Sometimes, we see people saying that stuff on Whatsapp conversations, that one can’t usually talk about in their daily life. These conversations do not only include a proposal or abuse but it also includes funny chats done with your parent or a friend. These chats came out randomly but ended being featured here and becoming a memory for all of us.We are grateful to these people who have a knack for seeing the humor in almost everything. Here, we have curated some of the best chats to ever happen on WhatsApp. We are sure they will make your day!

1.This girl doesn’t have a care in this world

2. When you don’t give a f$%k about what another person is saying

3. This girl is aware of all the guy tricks

4. Always teach your parents everything before handing them a smartphone

5. This one is probably one of the best chat on WhatsApp

6. I didn’t expect that he would mistake the two GMs

7. Boys have also started doing stuff like that

8. When you find out the way to please your teacher! Horny Sir

9. $ex education mili hoti to tumhe bhi ajati

10. Akku Bhaiya caught flirting with his cousin

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