VIRAL: ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ sung by a Foreigner will Stun You! -


July 6, 2017

VIRAL: ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ sung by a Foreigner will Stun You!

We all have heard or did carolling many times of “Hanuman Chalisa” in our life. It is believed that Lord Hanuman blesses strength and triumph over all your worries and weaknesses. Reciting “Hanuman Chalisa” resolves the complexities of your life and gets you on track from derail. Across the country we have listened to many unique versions of “Hanuman Chalisa” but this amazing version sung by a foreign lady named Brenda McMorrow  has shocked everyone because of the passion and beliefs with which lady has sung “Hanuman Chalisa” has not only the won the hearts of people but Lord Hanuman would be very delighted for sure. We have seen Western culture is always eager to embrace Indian traditions with respect and follow the same. This lady has again proved that national boundaries, cultural differences couldn’t let down the respect for other religions. Every strong follower of Lord Hanuman must listen to this version and you will become a fan of this lady.

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