This Photographer Got Banned Because He Took These Photos. No One Has Seen Them Until Now -


July 5, 2017

This Photographer Got Banned Because He Took These Photos. No One Has Seen Them Until Now

North Korea is possibly the most fascinating country in the world for most of us specially because of all the controversial news stories we have heard about the country. Its maniac ruler who works like a monarch without really putting the word into effect has tons of crazy rules for tourists. Not clicking pictures is one of them. Therefore, when French photographer Eric Lafforgue took some pictures of the country while on a trip, he got banned and literally had to run from the country to save his life. Here are the pictures that he captured.

The Hard Work

The hard work that people have to put in N. Korea is not even funny. No matter what your age is, you are expected to be a dedicated worker. The only one free from all the hard work is their ruler.

Malnourished Kids

Majority of the kids in North Korea are malnourished. This picture just proves the fact right.

Army Man

This picture shows a man in an army uniform carrying logs of wood and strangely looking at the camera. North Korea has a multi purpose army. Army men out there do everything you see!

The Hard Work Again

Again, age doesn’t matter. If you live in N. Korea, you have to work hard. It’s very simple! Maybe therefore most of the people in that country are malnourished.


Here’s another example of how malnourished people in N.Korea are. Maybe this is why their ruler doesn’t want anyone to click pictures in the country.

A Nice Sleep?

This looks like the most comfortable sleep this man had in ages. Feels terrible, right?

In The Field

I am yet waiting for a picture where people are just comfortably relaxing and not putting their bodies on line!

The Water Show

Viewers are allowed to photograph the animals but not the audience which is made up of 90% military. Now that is a weird rule!

On The Bench

Can this be called relaxing in peace? I have no idea! Maybe it can be or maybe not!

Taking A Bath

This is a very normal way of taking a bath in North Korea. We have no idea about the Bathroom facilities provided in the country.

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