This British Reporter Insulted India. Anupam Kher Gave Him A Cracking Reply -


July 27, 2017

This British Reporter Insulted India. Anupam Kher Gave Him A Cracking Reply

Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar is all set to rock the movie screens with ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’. The movie is due for release on 11 August.
Even before the movie has released, it is touching chords and the expectations are very high. People are pretty excited to watch the movie. Akshay Kumar has taken all the responsibility to promote the movie as the movie as much as possible.
The movie raises the issue of open defecation and it is of national concern. Just to inform you, open defecation poses a great threat to one’s health. It is a widespread issue in India.
Poor sanitary conditions in India makes up to 60% of the population in India alone. Activists and the government have advocated for the building of shared community toilets as a solution to the problem, but ingrained social norms and attitudes stop people from using them.
Now with this new movie, people will become more aware of their surroundings.
Apparently, Akshay Kumar gave an interview for its promotions. Bhumi Pednekar and another co-star, Anupam Kher were also there to accompany him.
While the four of them were conversing, something really shocking happened.
The British reporter crossed his limits and posed some very offending questions to the cast. He had a question concerning the main theme of the movie-open defecation.
The interview went live on Channel 4, a British channel conducted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy.
He started off with an introductory note,”A film which talks about the problem of open defecation in the country is being released around the Independence Day on August 11.”
All the three actors replied ‘Yes’ in sync. However, things turned out to be really uncomfortable when he asked this question from the cast.
He asked,”How do you feel this is such a big issue in your country 70 years after Independence?”

But Anupam Kher who is known for his bold choice of words gave a befitting reply to the interviewer.

He replied,” The expression is different on my side. We are only 70 years old. Britishers ruled us for 200 years, they should have done that (educate people about sanitation). They did railway tracks first, for themselves. They wanted them to remain poor, not get educated so that they can say ‘Oh these Indians. How they do it – they defecate in the open. So, that is also an issue.”
Well done, Anupam Kher. We are proud to have a patriot like you.
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