An Indian Student Touched The Feet Of His Professor During Graduation And Left Him Confused -


July 5, 2017

An Indian Student Touched The Feet Of His Professor During Graduation And Left Him Confused

Bowing down to touch the feet of the elders for some heartfelt ashirwad and some crispy notes is a very old Indian tradition. The habit is so ingrained in us that we cannot control our urge to dive nose first whenever we want to show some respect. The student in this GIF does the same and you have to check out the professor's expression.
Indians are well known for sticking to their cultures and values, no matter where they go. Our culture is highly based on respect and the ways in which we show our respect are unlike anything in the world. Touching the feet of the elders is one such tradition that is found nowhere else.

What Happened?

Recently, a person on twitter shared a GIF like video of an Indian guy touching the feet of his dean during the graduation summary. It shows the boy bow down in a quick moment and instantly leaving the stage. It also shows the dean who is thinking, "What just happened?".
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The video has started trending on social media sites and has gone viral in last 2-3 days. Some reports suggest that the video was shot at the IIT California. 

Indians are no doubt loving it and while most of the people are using it to boast about their Indian values, some people on twitter are worried that this guy has set some high standards that will be difficult to maintain.

Twitter Reactions

@Trollacharya @double_agentt This guy just made life miserable for millions of Indian kids .. "dekh kambakht, Verma ji ka ladka phoren ja key bhi kitnaa sanskari hai!"
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@Trollacharya @ugrasrava U can remove an indian from india but you cannot remove india from an indian
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We think what the guy did was sweet. Do you think it's great to carry our values everywhere or do you believe in the saying "jaisa des, waisa bhes"?

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