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July 5, 2017

11 HIDDEN IMAGES In Logos You Never Noticed

Finding out hidden meanings behind these famous logos would leave you speechless as it needs incredible smartness to identify them:-

Mc Donalds

The inverted M is the real meaning behind it which signifies a pair of nourishing breasts which was invented by their design consultant and psychologist Louis Cheskin in the 60s.


The image above the written logo is the relatable part for the hidden meaning. The subconsciously hidden word ‘Mom’ makes the food chain more associated with mom cooking.


The yellow arrow in the logo signifies that shopaholics will get everything from A to Z.


A smile makes someone’s day better, this is what Goodwill’s logo signifies through the smiling face that is hidden in the letter G.

Tour De France

The cycling race in France is all that this logo signifies. The letter O and the yellow circle are the two wheels, while the letter U is the seat and R signifies the rider.


Golf, an interesting physical activity sometimes needs specific training to make the ball reach that little hole. The logo perfectly symbolizes a Greek soldier and a man in one, while the speed of the golf ball signifies the helmet.

Hope For African

To help African communities, the logo perfectly symbolizes the African country map with a child on the left and an adult on the right covering the entire community.


Chocolate lovers would love to identify the hidden chocolate in this logo which is between the letter K and I. Tilt the name towards the left and you can find one!

Baskin Robbins

This ice-cream company perfectly shows the 31 flavors in its brand name. Take a closer look at the pink half parts of letters B and R.


The two letters ‘T’ resemble the adults holding the chips and dipping in the salsa in the letter ‘O’. Perfect description on how to eat Tostitos!

Sony Vaio

The smart computers are designed with a smart logo, the letters V and A represent the analog wave while I and O are the digital symbols.
Get the complete details through this video:

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