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July 6, 2017

10 Crazy Things Found In Japan Which Will Convince You To Say Japan Is A Crazy Nation

Japan is a very creative nation and we all have been appreciating it for its various innovative offerings. The most fascinating thing about Japan is the “Craziness” that happens in this country. Check out few crazy things found in this country which will surely convince you to say, “Ek baar toh Japan jaana chahiye”.

1. Use of Super umbrella

Usually if it rains heavily in Japan, people opt to super umbrella which covers them from top to bottom. Looks awkward, but is very useful.

2. Microwavable Pug

We just mentioned about the super umbrella that would help and save you from heavy rain. But if you feel very cold, you have microwavable pug to protect yourself from heat. You need to stick to this microwaveable and enjoy the warmth.

3. Toilet slippers

We all know that Japan is way strict in terms of cleanliness and hence, it comes as no surprise that they use toilet slippers to avoid contact of their feet to toilet floors.


4. Chin rest gadget

Japanese tend to work hard than rest of the people around the world and hence, this special gadget is introduced so that they can rest their chin with ease.

5. Ice cream flavours

The most unusual ice creams flavors are from Japan and some of them include charcoal, Cactus, octopus etc. Yes, they manage to eat them better than we do. Can you imagine a lizard ice cream?

6. Baby mobs

Japanese use baby mobs so that even a child can clean the floor while he is crawling. This is one of the biggest inventions by Japanese and probably the most craziest one.

7. Shortest escalator

The world’s shortest escalator is located in the basement of More’s Department store in the city of Kawasaki. It has only five steps and is 33 inches high.

8. Kit kat flavours

Just like ice cream there are various outrageous KitKat flavours introduced by Japanese. The flavors include baked potato KitKat, Soy Sauce KitKat and many more.

9. Pillows for lonely men

If you live alone and not with your spouse or your parents, here is a special pillow introduced to you. This is a pillow designed in such a way that only one person can sleep on it.

10. Pillow for lonely woman

If you are a woman and are lonely, you can take rest on this pillow invented by Japanese. You surely won’t miss your man.
Image Source: Google Images
So weren’t these inventions crazy? Let us know your opinion!

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