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June 7, 2017

WWDC 2017: What surprises Apple has for its users

WWDC 2017: What surprises Apple has for its users

Apple has made a declaration about a variety of novel hardware items and software traits at its yearly developers’ meeting. The major declaration of the special evening remained the HomePod, a Siri catered speaker made to competitor Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home.
Other reports comprised the most excellent characteristics of the forthcoming iOS 11, a 10.5” iPad Pro, and improved MacBook and iMac computing devices. Here’s a round-up of everything new Apple declared at WWDC 2017.
iOS 11
Apple’s forthcoming cellular phone software iOS 11 comprises a more obliging Siri, handset-to- handset payments in iMessage and a control center that gathers all tasks under one roof.
The Photos application program in iOS 11 can generate collages of images and video recordings named Memories, which can mark special times like anniversaries.
iOS 11 has a “Do Not Disturb while Driving” mode, which makes iPhone monitors black and blocks users from responding to messages.
It will hit the markets during this fall.
HomePod speaker
The tech giant’s newest product is a 7” high speaker named as the HomePod, which is accommodated with an A8 chip, which regulates sound on the basis of the shape as well as a size of the space on its own and acts in response to commands. It is equipped with Siri and has been made to give competition to the Amazon Echo as well as Google Home speakers.
10.5-inch iPad Pro
A 10.5” iPad Pro is putting back the 9.7” iPad Pro and joining the 12.9-inch version. Apple has designed separate iOS 11 features for iPad that make it function just like an Apple PC.
New MacBook laptops and computers
Apple has enhanced its iMac desktop and MacBook lappies with better central processing units and memory control. It also rolled out a novel iMac Pro that boasts of a 5K screen, approaches in space grey and will be available for sale at a price of $4,999.
watchOS 4 and TV OS
Apple has declared macOS High Sierra for its PCs. The novel software comes with an advanced, quicker Safari, which blocks video recordings from playing automatically and discontinues internet sites from chasing users. It is well suited with computer game for the first time and has tweaks to Mail, Photos and file storage.
It has also rolled out novel software for the Watch named as watchOS 4.

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