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June 8, 2017

What Sonam Kapoor shared about her alleged beau Anand Ahuja; Check out here

What Sonam Kapoor shared about her alleged beau Anand Ahuja; Check out here

Whilst Sonam Kapoor is severely protected concerning her private life, the actor’s everyday detections with whispered beau Anand Ahuja have lifted up rumors regarding her love relation.
Thus far the actress remained completely silent on the hearsays and has barely said anything.
At the moment, the sexy siren taking a signal from a number of other Hindi film stars in the Bollywood has preferred the social media to share the stuff of her love relationship with the globe.
Sonam posted an image of Anand on her social media account Instagram and tagged it stating, “Well hello there Mr. Ahuja”. What makes us snooping is the heart face emojis typed together with those expressions. So like other Bollywood biggies, is the actress is preferring a secure means to live her dreamy life without having to discuss it?
Anand previously attended the National Awards with his lovely lady love and the media caught him cheering for Anil’s daughter when she hit the stage to take her honor.

Recently Sonam’s love typed out “Looveeeee” on her image from Cannes Film Festival. However, this is not the primary time when the actress has posted an image or messaged about Anand.
Previously the rocking actress posted a video recording with her beau and wrote, “Everything will be grand. Better than great. Just sometimes a step back gives a point of view and permits for more steps forward.” However, we have to state this message is Sonam’s frankest affirmation regarding her connection with Anand.

But, the actress who has given big hits decided not to talk about her personal life.
“There are a lot of other things which make you a whole person besides who you’re dating. My personal life is out there as I’ve always been myself but if you’re talking about personal life as in (context of) beau, then I’ll never discuss it,” she said in a recent meeting with media people.
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