Virendra Sehwag is being honored as “King” by wife; He Replied in His Style -


June 8, 2017

Virendra Sehwag is being honored as “King” by wife; He Replied in His Style

Virendra Sehwag is being honored as “King” by wife; He Replied in His Style

Recently we had a proof of Virendra Sehwag’s sense of humor. He never misses a chance to see funny sides of things around him. His captured photos’ of Saurav Ganguly and Shane Warne has recently been doing rounds on social media. Now it’s the turn of his comments on his wife’s understanding. When Sehwag tweets or shares any picture it really becomes a party time for media; especially when it’s something personal. The recent one is his photo posts of himself with his better half. The former Indian opener has become a Twitter king due to his photographs with a fascinating tweet which occur quite often these days. This time Sehwag has taken an example of the game chess to explain his relationship with his wife. He clarifies that his better half has presented to him the title of a ‘king’. However, he doesn’t seem to be much happy about the title honored to him by his wife.
In a tweet posted about a few hours ago, Sehwag tweeted: “Biwi Ji has given me a title of King. It resembles Chess. King can approach just one step at a time whereas a Queen can do whatever she needs to #HasiBand”
Since being posted, the similarity and picture have gathered more than 6,000 “preferences” and more than 700 retweets. Obviously, the amusing tweet is making Twitter roar with laughter.
“Hahaha, paaji… Be that as it may, ruler tries more endeavors to secure Lord in Chess,” says a Twitter client.
Sehwag has prior contrasted spouses with aeration and cooling systems and furthermore clarified the idea of marriage utilizing a games representation.
All the more as of late, Sehwag posted clever photographs of his kindred analysts Sourav Ganguly and Shane Warne snoozing amid Sunday’s match amongst India and Pakistan at Edgbaston.
Previous Indian opener Virender Sehwag who as of late connected for the post of Indian cricket group’s mentor is as of now in England for the ICC Champions Trophy and like dependably is having an awesome time. Sehwag who is one of the main possibility to be the following Indian mentor had a supper with his family on Friday and was joined by CAB president Sourav Ganguly and previous cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. The previous Indian opener shared a picture on his Twitter account with an inscription that perused as: “Blood makes you related. Love and dedication make you a family. Awesome time with the Legends #SunnySir [Sunil Gavaskar] and Dada [Sourav Ganguly] with family.”

Biwi ji has given me title of King. It's like Chess. King can take only one step at a time and Queen can do whatever she wants to 

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