Style Is Equal Parts Swagger And Substance And It’s High Time Men Realise That! -


June 2, 2017

Style Is Equal Parts Swagger And Substance And It’s High Time Men Realise That!

You like her a lot and want to make an impression on her. And, being men, you would do a lot of things to woo a lady or charm her with the materialistic things. But do you think she would be impressed by all that? Then think again!

Dear Men,
She is not impressed by the car you just drove in. She’s impressed when you hold the door, out of chivalry, for her. She’s not impressed by the expensive watch you don on your wrist. She’s impressed when you give her your time. She’s not impressed by the fancy restaurant you take her to, she’s impressed by the fact that you took her someplace because you wanted to spend time with her.

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She’s not impressed by the man-bun you sport. She’s impressed when you man up and not silently watch someone eve-teasing her. She’s not impressed when you raise your voice with her or anyone. But she’s impressed when you raise your voice against any crime or violence against women by not being a vigilante or by taking the law into your hands but by taking small steps to ensure women’s safety. By not being mute spectators, but by manning up.

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More than your style, she’s more impressed by your character. She’s more impressed when you take a stand for injustice happening towards women. She’s more impressed when you treat her as equal and not just as a mere object of desire. She’s impressed when you treat everyone with respect.
And that, my friend, is how you impress a girl.
Yours sincerely,
A Girl Who’s Impressed More By Men Of Character

But having said that, we do understand that style is an important factor and is known to impress people. But that shouldn’t be the ONLY factor, right? In fact, style is equal part swag and equal part substance. And, that’s what makes men more alluring.

Just like Sidharth Malhotra! Not only has he got his swag on point, but he’s a man of substance too. Here’s what he has to say on this subject,

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“I genuinely feel that boys or men need to charm women and not chase them. Sometimes, a few boys chase women and eve-tease. That’s a strict no-no because a man doesn’t do that. We come into the world through the fairer sex, and so we need to respect them even more. In this regard, I am, in fact, angrier with the fathers. I know how I have been brought up. Our first impression of how a man should behave (with women) comes from our fathers. So, I think somewhere, fathers are to be blamed for this. They have to become proactive in teaching (their sons) how to treat women and behave.
There have been some extremely obnoxious and worrisome instances of late. As a man, it’s embarrassing to hear that men are just bystanders when women are in trouble and are taking videos from their phones and putting them up online instead of calling for help. It is extremely disgusting and upsetting. And, that’s when the idea struck me, to ensure the number 1091 reaches everyone and Brylcreem agreed to print this number on every tub so that it reaches each and every one.

Brylcreem’s an iconic brand with the members of the Royal Airforce – men of character and substance endorsing it during the WWII. Brylcreem in association with Sidharth Malhotra has got a message for all men out there. Watch it!

So dear men, sirf style nahi, soch badlo!

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