Miniature Toy Played the Model in Audi R8 Ad Photoshoot -


June 15, 2017

Miniature Toy Played the Model in Audi R8 Ad Photoshoot

Miniature Toy Played the Model in Audi R8 Ad Photoshoot

Watch the mindblowing advertisement of Audi where the expensive cars got completely crazy on their performances. Surely that is what people expect from such an expensive brands like; Audi. However, the ad seems too good to be true. The first thing come to mind is the extreme use of Photoshop technology but it turns out to be an altogether different case. It was an actual photography but the cars were the miniature of the real models of Audi. Advertisements cost lots of money. Any  Auto advertisement gets to have a huge money; especially if it’s a brand like an Audi then the expense is quite heavy.  Audi’s  commissioned photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez found an ingenious way of photography for these cars ads.
Audi recently hired Felix Hernandez to shoot their sports car Audi R8. He shot the $160,000 car by using just a $40 scale model!  You will be surprised to know that he didn’t even use Photoshop. Everything was done using miniature models, props, lighting and in-camera effects.
If you’re starting to feel like you cannot trust anything you see any more, you are not being paranoid. They say, with a camera phone, everyone is a photographer, these days. But it is one thing to click a picture, and another to do it well. Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is one such brilliant photographer.
This Mexican photographer is known to take small objects and photograph them with a totally different perspective.
Fast cars in exotic locations. You’d expect that in an Audi photoshoot. But wait till you see how these photos were taken.
In a mesmerizing Video and pics of the Audi Q2 Advertisement, we saw the SUV doing extraordinary stunt and performances.  The ad was for Audi Q2 Middle East which has got a lot of applauds. However, we definitely had the view that there is something not real in this out of blue performance of the SUV. Now we know the secret behind the advertisement and this is the Photographer Felix, the mastermind and a hugely talented person with high deliveries of miniature cars mindblowing pictures. Instead of shooting in the Middle East, he built a little one in his own studio using his load of miniature toy cars.
The photographer specializes in miniature photography, but for this project, he pushed his own limits. For the Audi Middle East photoshoot, Felix built an indoor runway. He used LEDs, the foam core, and sand paper. He made sand dunes using fine powder by mixing it with a little water. The photographs were a real masterpiece that is all prepared to fool the world.
Great Work.

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