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June 10, 2017

Look Inside The Most Luxurious Vanity Vans Owned By Bollywood Stars

Look Inside The Most Luxurious Vanity Vans Owned By Bollywood Stars

We have seen the luxurious lives of our Bollywood Celebs, their expensive cars and big bungalows. What we don’t know is the fact that they too have few hardships in life. They too have work commitments as they have to get up at 3 am in the morning for gyming sessions, or for make-up for shoots. They have to maintain a proper diet in order to look good on screen. They are being followed by their fans and media anywhere they go, and thus, they get no privacy and personal space. Therefore, the celebs try to lessen their hardships by investing in the vanity vans. These vans are their home away from home. This is where they relax in between the shoots. This is where they can be themselves enjoying peace.
Lets look into the most luxurious vanity vans owned by Top Bollywood Stars:

1- Shahrukh Khan:

SRK is the star who doesn’t compromise on comfort. One can get an idea after looking at ‘Mannat’ or his Rolls Royce. He owns one of the most luxurious and expensive vans in the world. His Vanity van consist of a bed, an office, a makeup corner and many other facilities. This makes his van one of the most comfortable place to rest.

2- Salman Khan

Sallu Bhai has been ruling the box office since years. After loads of hard work, he prefers to have a peaceful and comfortable time with himself. Therefore, he owns a luxurious vanity van with excellent interiors. He has a big space to relax, a makeup corner and a big TV screen too.

3- Varun Dhawan

Varun’s vanity is one of the best place to relax. It’s not being long that he had made an entry in Bollywood and won everybody’s hearts. But he makes sure that his van suits his personality and comfort.

4- Sonam Kapoor

The glamourous Bollywood Diva- Sonam Kapoor makes sure that her vanity is as stylish as herself. Her vanity has all the necessary amenities in their latest versions.

5- Alia Bhatt

The 23-year-old young actress has won many hearts because of her youthful, charming and flawless acting. Her vanity is just a mirror image of her youthfulness and jolliness. She recently hired an interior designer to redesign her van accordingly. The van is loaded with attractive paintings and her bed is loaded with a lot of soft cushions.

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