King Khan victim of death joke, El Pais TV says superstar lost life in air crash -


June 6, 2017

King Khan victim of death joke, El Pais TV says superstar lost life in air crash

King Khan victim of death joke, El Pais TV says superstar lost life in air crash

Shah Rukh Khan turned out to be the most recent sufferer of a death trick when a European news network named ‘El Pais TV’ broadcasted a ‘breaking news’ section that Indian star, Shah Rukh Khan lost his life together with 7 other team members when a private plane he was journeying in got crashed. It is thought that the incident took place because of confused atmospheric conditions.
The report added up that the Bollywood sensation was traveling in a Gulfstream G550 jet with his PA and others to Paris to attend a conference. The demise of Bollywood King has dumbstruck his buffs all over the globe.
The shocking news resulted into horror and King Khan’s squad got anxious calls from his good wishes all over the globe.
As per reports, even Mumbai Police’s Joint Commissioner Mr. Deven Bharti called the actor’s squad and was notified that the superstar is complete ‘okay’ and was, in fact, busy filming his next project in the city of Mumbai.
As per a source, the report stated, “This is not the initial time that King Khan has been at the receiving end of a demise trick. But this time, the seriousness of the condition was shoddier since the reports get circulated to the WhatsApp group of Mumbai’s well-known policemen. It had already been picked up by lawful French and Indian internet sites. Shahrukh’s squad had to answer calls for the whole day.”
The actor escaped a mishap on the sets of his forthcoming movie on May 30 when a segment of a ceiling fell down.
The film is being directed by ace Aanand L Rai.  The report added that 2 group members got slight injuries but got discharged after having check up.
Is srk dead or what ? Cause this whatsapp group of my khandan is shitting that he died wtf
Rai’s movie with the actor has been hitting news ever since its declaration While Sallu’s lady love Katz came on board earlier this year, there was a lot of gossip surrounding the casting of one more actress in the film
A report from Mumbai Mirror stated, “A prop ladder fell on the makeshift ceiling. The hurt crew associates were discharged at once since the accidental injuries were slight. Everybody heaved a sigh of respite that King Khan was seated on another side of the set and was uninjured. The shooting was delayed for a period of two days and will start again later this week.”

I guess the news about Shah Rukh Khan being dead was just a baloney. Idiot.

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