King Khan & Ramez clash; Here’s the actual truth behind the scene! -


June 7, 2017

King Khan & Ramez clash; Here’s the actual truth behind the scene!

King Khan & Ramez clash; Here’s the actual truth behind the scene!

During the past week, King Khan was hitting headlines owing to three reasons. Firstly, due to his death news by European news center that had shocked one and all, comprising the mega star. Afterward, there was a small mishap on the shooting sets of his upcoming flick with ace Aanand L Rai. And thirdly, there was a major prank video recording that turned viral on the web including all social sites.
In the said prank recording that got posted by Dubai-based Ramez Galal, King of Bollywood can be witnessed dropping into a pit filled with loose wet sand and afterward the anchor of the big show had on a Komodo dragon’s costume to frighten them. Whilst a lot of people ideated that it would be all right, King Khan lost his temper when came to know about the practical joke played by the show’s host.
Shah Rukh Khan hollered, cried out and almost hit the person who gave the scene a reality form.
SRK roars at Ramez calling, “This is completely bad from your side, you got me all the way from my country to do this damn?”
Gala made attempts to cool him and felt sorry however the actor was in no mood to pay attention to him. SRK begins throwing sand at Ramez and lastly, the two finish up in a fight.
As Ramez repeatedly apologizes, King Khan pushes him to the ground and bullies to hit him. SRK called his security persons and ordered them to have Ramez booted out.
We had never witnessed the Bollywood Badshah this annoyed on the screen and it was not looking hilarious from any point of view. But afterward, it was being stated whether the video recording was presented or not. Social media got crammed with queries on the similar incident and at the present it has lastly been responded.
The actor’s brand manager Pooja Dadlani has given confirmation regarding the news that it was pre-determined and nothing but a game.
“Yes, it was staged and Shah Rukh Khan was aware and was acting as if he was angry,” she told a daily. So now you know the truth behind the whole episode!
But, the reports said that the star was reportedly paid around Rs 2 crores for staging a counterfeit clash with the show host.

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