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June 14, 2017

Karanvir’s twin package brings luck for him; check out how

Karanvir’s twin package brings luck for him; check out how

Looks like Karanvir Bohra’s twin babies have brought him good fortune in large numbers. The well-known TV actor, who is presently donning the lead character in the show ‘Naagin’, has been signed up as a host on a forthcoming reality show.
Most interestingly, the father of two cuties Raya Bella and Vienna, is landing the show is straightly connected to the birth of his twin bundles of joy. Looking at the new show, which is titled as ‘India’s Best Judwa’, will concentrate on the most identical twins. In actual fact, even the producers of the new show are twins. The makers of the new show are Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, the names linked to Roadies fame.
While talking on the show, Karanvir sais, “My daughters have brought positive energy resulting in good luck. My show was rated high on the chart when they were born, and within a week after that, talks for this show started. I also received a rather prestigious award from the Maharastra state government for my work.”
For those who don’t familiar with the fact, Bohra and his loving wife Teejay decided not to bear the responsibility of kids for 10 years after tying the nuptial knot. The actor said that they did that because they wished to enjoy some special time as hubby and wife before becoming parents.

He shared, “Having babies late was not because I didn’t want to bear the burden of responsibilities. But once we were married, we wanted to spend time with each other and explore the world. As a couple, we wanted to understand each other. I know it is important to have children, and couples in India plan to have kids soon after they are married. But in the process, the focus is on the children and not in the husband-wife relationship, which is the pillar that lays the foundation for a great marriage.”
As a dad, he admitted that once the kids take to birth the romantic relationship in a wedding goes straight out the window.
He says, “As soon as the children are born, the focus shifts from the wife and husband to their kids. It’s their needs, which gets more priority. The passion and romance in a marriage take a backseat. I didn’t want that to happen to our nuptials. I wished to appreciate my partner. Now my kids have arrived at a time when we are ready.”

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