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June 10, 2017

Have a look at the unseen pictures of SRK’s great Mannat mansion!

Have a look at the unseen pictures of SRK’s great Mannat mansion!

The King of Bollywood is truly a man with high spirit and his mansion in Mumbai which is Mannat is everyone’s desire to have for. We all know that Shah Rukh Khan with sheer hard work had come a great way in his life and he is currently the top rated Bollywood actor in the industry. His fans are millions in number and he is an international recognition whose fans re-spread all over the globe. He charms the fans with his charm and he is also a man of luxury.
Swimming Pool
His House Mannat located in Bandra is said to be the most expensive and luxury one that has a scenic view of the peaceful sea and the house from inside is said to be a boost of opulence and luxury all around.  We see people standing outside SRK’s house Mann at and clicking pictures, but in this article, we will show you some of the unseen pictures of the luxurious mansion mannat. Have a quick look at it.
A luxurious bathroom
The Royal Bed Room
SRK house Mannat is a huge mansion and has a big swimming pool. There are many rooms in the Mansion and he lives in the mansion with wife Gauri Khan and three kids, Suhana, Abraham and Aryan. The picture of the luxury bathroom has all the amenities of luxury has been uploaded to the site, have to look at it. Have a look at the royal bedroom that is all golden and red conceptualized. The room looks very royal and looks at each and every single thing in the room that is all designed matching the concept of the room.  Could be speculated it to be SRK’s bedroom.
The beautiful drapes
The mansion journey does not stop here. Have a look at the beautiful drapes used on the floor where you can see a staircase designed with beautiful curves and the matching long drapes that are making it look more elegant. Also, have a glimpse of look at the beautiful art painting on the wall. Isn’t it splendid?   Look at the brick space concept used for that particular wall in the photo. The cozy sofas and the cushions in the house have so much to say. The house is huge and it is a true luxury one to live in.  It is a true heaven’s abode paradise and hopes you had a great journey with us having looked at the beautiful SRK’s Mannat mansion.

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