Guess what’s wrong and weird in this photo of 4 women! -


June 8, 2017

Guess what’s wrong and weird in this photo of 4 women!

Guess what’s wrong and weird in this photo of 4 women!

The photo of 4 women uploaded on the internet is the talk of the media right now. We had seen photo coming last year where a group of 6 women had clicked a photo while hanging around at the couch and uploaded the same on the internet which went viral and was set as an internet sensation. Not to draw any conclusion and create any sort of confusion, there is something weird fact that was unnoticed and now it’s difficult to ignore. The six girls who were sitting on the couch and smiling for the picture perfect click had only five pairs of leg in the photo.
Weird isn’t it?  Now the latest one coming is another picture of 4 women posting their best for that one picture click is all set to strip up the storm being the sensation on the internet. Have a look at the photo uploaded on the social site that is getting viral. Look keenly on all the 4 women. Do you figure out what’s wrong with the photo? Does u feel anything weird in the posing picture of the 4 friends hanging around?  Well, what are wrong with the picture are not the girls smiling for the picture but it’s the background of the photo. Look closer for now.
Yes, it’s the background of the picture. I am sure you might not have figured it out unless was told for thinking that something might be wrong with the picture or pair of legs of the chicks or so. It could be Photoshop or anything else but we cannot disagree to a point that it is no less a creepy one. This photo was posted on Imgur, a social website and this pick have grabbed more than 6, 89,000 views in a just couple of days which is astonishing.
We could see some people commenting,” I don’t get it” when asked about finding out what’s weird with this picture and some of them commented,” thank you saved me an hour looking at legs,” after identifying what is exactly wrong with the picture. Well, you can also share you’re valuable commented down below and see the picture going viral breaking fire on the internet. We had figured it out what is wrong and hope even you did. So waiting for all your comments below. Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming posts.

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