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June 10, 2017

Ever Heard About The Lesser Known Love Story Of Danny Denzongpa and Parveen Babi?

Ever Heard About The Lesser Known Love Story Of Danny Denzongpa and Parveen Babi?

Parveen Babi was one of the most gorgeous actress of 70s.  People of today’s generation would have no clue about the aroma she used to carry with herself that made people fall for her. This Bollywood Diva was one of the most established name in the industry.
Far from all the glamour and fame, Parveen’s personal life was filled with loneliness and tragedy. She also suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and developed irrational fears.
Even her love life was not at all stable. She had dated Kabir Bedi and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. And both these affairs were known to everybody. However, not many people know that before they entered her life, Parveen was in a relationship with Danny Denzongpa.  Though their love story remained incomplete, Danny once shared in an interview about what he feels about Parveen.
In an old interview with Filmfare, Danny opened about some sweet incidents and memories with the late actress. He believed that she was a beautiful person inside out.
Here are some highlighted statements of Danny’s interview that would show the lovely bond they shared:
1-  “We were two young kids and we lived together for four years. That was big news those days. We had a wonderful time, but later we grew apart and parted on a good note. We remained friends.”
2-“Parveen would keep inviting me for dinner. I had a new girlfriend (actor Kim) those days who was wary of Parveen. Also, if your ex keeps walking into the house anytime, it would be difficult for any girl to accept. I would pick up Kim from the sets after pack up and reach home only to find Parveen in my bedroom watching a movie on the VCR. I asked Parveen not to do it. But she’d say, ‘We don’t have anything between us, we are friends’.”
3- “I had been for dinner at her place. There were silver conches on the table. When I began blowing one, she got frightened. That’s when Mahesh said, ‘She gets easily frightened these days and is turning into a recluse’.”  A few days later after that incident Mahesh confided in Danny again and said to him that, “Parveen’s unwell. She cares for you and you must come over and give her support.”
True friendship never dies. Real friends never leave each other in their good or bad times. Parveen and Danny shared one such bond. With the development of irrational fears of Parveen, the doctors would first talk to Danny, and after having a discussion, they would go to Parveen’s place. One day Mahesh Bhatt called Danny saying that Parveen had turned hysterical.
4- Danny tells,“We sent for guru UG Krishnamuthi immediately.” He held her hand and said, ‘Parveen you’re perfectly alright, there’s nothing wrong with you’. And she was fine. She believed in him. Whenever Parveen needed me, I was always there.”
5- “One day she happened to read an interview where Amitji (Bachchan) had mentioned that I was a good friend of his. That was it. When I went to meet her the next time, she looked at me through the keyhole and refused to let me in calling me ‘his agent’. She was frightened of me too.”
Parveen passed away on January 20, 2005.
6- While talking about her funeral ceremony, Danny said, “For someone who had so many filmmakers queuing up for her, there were none that day. Just a handful of us, including Kabir, Mahesh, Johnny Bakshi, Ranjeet and producer Harish Shah.”
We never knew that they both shared such an eternal and selfless bond with each other.

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