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June 14, 2017

Diljit Dosanjh is really obsessed with Kylie Jenner: says ‘I love her very much’

Diljit Dosanjh is really obsessed with Kylie Jenner: says ‘I love her very much’

You will never be capable of guessing who well-known personality Diljit Dosanjh has eternally been crushing on. Well, it is none other than the ace international celeb Kylie Jenner, and not just Kylie, the Punjabi singer has been gripping over the complete Kardashian family.
The singer turned actor’s affection for Kylie has not been an undisclosed truth for all as he regularly follows the beauty and keeps on sharing comments in public on the ace model’s updates on her Insta page as well as live video recordings. The remarks made by the well known Punjabi star are very funny to read as frequently he is making use of Punjabi language, which we doubt the well-known beauty comprehends.
So check out all the comments from the ace superstar of Punjabi film industry and Kylie’s creepy follower story –
It initially began with his special remarks on sexy and gorgeous star Kim Kardashian’s Instagram live video recording.
Diljit wrote, “Oh Ki haal aa (How are you?)” and “Kylie Kithe aa? (Where is Kylie?)” in Punjabi. And when Kardashian was not answering, he side-splittingly messaged, “Kylie?”.
He also made a comment on Kylie’s post on her Insta page with beau Tyga, “Fittey Muh .. (What nonsense)”. On one of her favorite’s picture, he amusingly inscribes, “Hatdi ni Tu.. (You won’t resist.)”.
In a recent meeting with media people, Diljit lastly talked openly regarding his strange passion.
He stated, “I love her very much. Now, more than loving her, what makes me happy is how much people are interested in my comments. I never leave any chance to comment. But she hasn’t replied yet, may be soon. Also, I comment in Punjabi, so that she doesn’t reply. My people should have fun that’s it.”
Diljit made his entry in thw Hindi film industry with well-appreciated flick, Udta Punjab with Saifu’s begum jaan Kareena Kapoor Khan, chocolate hero Shahid Kapoor and sexy Alia Bhatt. After this , he worked with Anushka Sharma in ‘Phillauri.’
Now, the Punjabi actor is working in Ekta Kapoor’s next project Super Singh, which is a Punjabi superhero film that will hit cinemas on June 16. The movie is on a village young man from the state of Punjab, residing in Canada and how all things change after he innocently gets superpowers.

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