Delhi guy Atul Khera who puts on skirt for a day shares his experience; check out here -


June 14, 2017

Delhi guy Atul Khera who puts on skirt for a day shares his experience; check out here

Delhi guy Atul Khera who puts on skirt for a day shares his experience; check out here

When Ranveer Singh made up his mind to put on a skirt in 2016 for his song ‘Malhari’ from the mega hit movie, Bajirao Mastani, he turned the topic of the gossips all over. At the occasion, Ranveer not only put on a dark brown long skirt however also exhibited his dancing talents in the dress. Whilst there was no shortage of swag and self-belief as the eccentric dresser drew away from the outfit, social media trolling were not contented with his advanced dressing approach.
Yes, when a straight male person makes a decision to choose to clothe defined for the other sexual category, somehow his maleness and point of reference are inquired. As far the actor is concerned, his superstar position and his record with odd style did not allow it drop to that, yet, the super star got trolled.
But what occurs if a regular person chooses to put on a long skirt along with a top? Will public consider him as transgendered? All these queries were responded when Atul Khera made his mind to get dressed in a skirt and passed a whole day performing almost everything he would generally do. From traveling on the Delhi Metro to browsing goods at Connaught Place, Atul Khera did and performed each and everything putting on a pink long skirt.
But, it was a really big challenge from his pal’s side, which firstly pressured him to dress in the said attire. He was checking out few skirts with his friend Simran, when he stated, “How relaxed long skirts are, but this globe will not permit me to wear it!”
His pal instantaneously asked him to put on it, but he said no as he thought that he might be taunting people who cross-dress.
“I denied because I felt the fear of being judged to be a transgender or having some other sexual orientation. I denied as I felt that how I would want to perceive myself to show to the community would not be under my control any longer,” Khera wrote in his blog.
When his buddy described him a “hypocrite” and having witnessed the disgrace of the other guy who had crossed-dressed he made up his mind to try it himself, how accurately it experienced when public continuously gaze and review you.
With a lot of terror and anxiety, he lastly put on the long skirt and comprehended that he turned many heads.

Amid prejudices, two individuals also came up to him and favored him and praised him for being “brave” by putting on “something that challenges the state of minds”.

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