Deepika Padukone wishes her loving and caring ‘Pa’ on his big day; shares pic on ‘Insta’ -


June 13, 2017

Deepika Padukone wishes her loving and caring ‘Pa’ on his big day; shares pic on ‘Insta’

As per latest reports, Deepika Padukone has posted a loving image of her dad Prakash Padukone at the special time of his birth anniversary.
Deepa’s dad, who is a well-known ex-badminton player, has bagged a number of medals for his nation. The great dad is commemorating his 62nd birth anniversary today. In a delightful sign, the dimpled beauty shared a special ‘yaadgaar’ photograph on her Insta page where she is witnessed as a hot posing for the camera together with her young and loving daddy.
Bollywood hottie titled the image as, “Happy Birthday Pappa…I Love You!”

After sharing the pic, the image got approximately 50k likes within an hour of sharing it.
Deepika, who was herself a national-level badminton player, often gives credit to her sports background for inculcating discipline and never-say-die spirit in her professional acting career. Both Deepika and Prakash have also been featured in several ads.

While getting Best Actress Honor for her special recital in the movie, Piku, the actress shared special and touching words by reading a note from her special and caring daddy.
“As you stand on the threshold of life’s journey, I want to share with you some lessons that life has taught me…. Looking back, I realize that the most important thing in my early days and teenager years was my denial to complain about my lot in life…there is no substitute for perseverance, hard work, willpower, and obsession for what you choose to do. If you love what you do, nothing else matters — not honors, nor reward, not even the accomplishment of seeing your face in papers or TV,” a teary-eyed actress read from the special note.

From her initial project with King Khan ‘Om Shaanti Om’ to a Hollywood movie with Vin Diesel, the actress has already proved that everyone can attain their dreams with hard work.
From her modeling profession to be one of the worthiest actresses at the moment, Deepu has surfaced her individual path to victory and all are proud of the special personality that made all proud on national as well as international level.

Another thing that makes us think highly of Deepika is how she has always been realistic and when it comes to meeting her responsibilities as a daughter, she has always been the ideal 10/10 ‘beti.’

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