Adnan Sami becomes ‘Pa’ of an angel named ‘Medina’ -


June 5, 2017

Adnan Sami becomes ‘Pa’ of an angel named ‘Medina’

Adnan Sami becomes ‘Pa’ of an angel named ‘Medina’

As per latest reports, ace singer, as well as musician Adnan Sami and loving wife Roya, have made a declaration about the birth of their cute daughter.
The couple has named their bundle of joy as ‘Medina’.
The report added up that Roya gave birth to the cute baby in May and couple made a declaration about the great news on Wednesday morning.
An elated Adnan posted a special message on his microblogging site’s account in order to share the great news with his buffs.
The message said, “Roya & I hv bin blessed wt an angelic baby girl. We’v named her Medina Sami Khan. Prayed for a daughter. Over Joyed!#daddyslittlegirl.”
The report also cleared up that Medina is Adnan and Roya’s first kid.
While showing his pleasure, the ace singer told media people Medina is the most amazing thing that has happened to them.
“Both mother and child are hale and hearty and are doing well. Medina is the most astonishing thing that’s happened to us. Both Roya and I always wished for a daughter and she is already my luck. I have found a novel motivation for my music via her and she is going to be the centre of my globe.”
In addition, Sami give up his 20-year-old filthy habit for cutie pie, Medina. In a telephonic conference with media, the well-known singer, who is presently in Berlin, stated that he gave up the “bad smoking habit” even before Medina took birth.
Love, he says, “can make you do great healthy things”. The other good things that love made him do was giving up alcohol and shedding a vast amount of weight. “My love for Roya is so strong that I discontinued the routine of alcohol. My love for my dad was so great that when he made me promise him that I’d lose weight, I did and shed 167 kilogram!” added Sami.
 “My love for my daughter Medina is so tremendous that even before she was born, in January this year, in anticipation of her arrival, I gave up smoking,” says the obsessed new Papa.
The couple tied the nuptial knot on 29 January 2010.
Adnan, who has given special music in Salman Khan’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ that remained a big sensation and liked by all, was freshly awarded Asian honor from the well known British Parliament’s House of Lords for ‘Outstanding Accomplishment in the line of Music.’

Roya & I hv bin blessed wt an angelic baby girl. We'v named her Medina Sami Khan. Prayed for a daughter. Over Joyed! 🙏🍼👼💝

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