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June 3, 2017

5 Limited Edition Gadgets That Are The Right Blend Of Class, Style And Technology!

In today’s age and date, one can escape anything but not technology. And why would one, after everything that the one-click-automated lifestyle has given us? Call it the ‘smart living’ or living by the edge, we owe a great deal to the gadgets that surround us, day in and day out.
But you know what is better than just gadgets? That’s right, limited edition gadgets that give you more worth than you spent! Swanky devices that cater to your passion and fan-mania.

If you’re wondering what, here are 5 limited edition gadgets that are best of both worlds – technology and passion.

1. Limited edition Jaguar F-Type Project 7

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Not just any car, the Project 7 by Jaguar’s new SVO performance division is easily a collectors’ item. Its 5.0-litre V8 engine gets a power boost from 550hp to 575hp. That’s sufficient for 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds and a (limited) top speed of 186mph. It also has stiffer anti-roll bars, stickier tyre and standard carbon-ceramic brakes.

2. HP Star Wars special edition notebook

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Ever seen a notebook like that? With a Galactic Empire-inspired design, commanding Intel® Core™ processor2, and extensive collection of rare Star Wars content this is a dark-side I would love to explore! It is preloaded with rare wallpapers, screen savers, concept art, and original trilogy storyboards from the Star Wars archives.
The force is definitely strong with this one.

3. Sennheiser special edition Pink Floyd headphones

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The special Momentum HD1 Wireless edition celebrates Sennheiser’s involvement with “Their Mortal Remains” and it’s class apart! Inspired by 1973’s classic ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, the headphones feature rainbow-coloured stitching on the leather covering the headband, a pearlescent rainbow finish and ‘prism’ symbol on the earcups, and a “Their Mortal Remains” name-plate. How cool is that?

4. Batman: Arkham Knight limited edition PS4

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I refuse to agree that anything can get cooler than this! The perfect addition to any Batcave, this PS4 system features a sleek Steel Grey finish, an exclusive Batman faceplate and a copy of Batman: Arkham Knight. What more can one want?

5. OPPO F3 with BCCI logo black variant on auction

The brand new OPPO F3 BCCI limited edition phone that comes with the BCCI logo on the back and is signed by Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni & Ashwin Ravi is just what this list needed. Ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, this club of sport and selfies by OPPO is a dream come true for any cricket-lover. This exclusive phone will be auctioned on OPPO’s official website on 3rd June. 

Moreover, did I tell you about its black, sheer body that glazes?

OPPO is also launching a black variant of F3 to connect you with the Indian cricket team. The F3 features a dual front camera – a 16-megapixel Selfie camera for individual selfies and a wide-angle lens for group selfie. “One for Selfie, One for Group Selfie” The Double View Group Selfie Camera gives a larger field-of-view, twice larger view than a normal selfie camera.
What celebrates fan-mania more than this? (Not to forget those epic group selfies during matches).
So, what are you waiting for? Go get one, today! I know I am going to. 😉

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