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June 3, 2017

3 Women Kidnap, Rape 23 YO Man For 3 Days And Dump Him Naked To Die! DISTURBING!

We have often discussed the plethora of problems, we as a nation, are crippled with. But amidst a sea of plagues, the one that endangers the functionality of our civilisation is the pressing problem of attacks against women. While the discussions have just begun, the murmurs will have to go a long way before they can gather some ears! And this is not just home-bound, it’s a global threat humanity is faced with.
However, in gender debates, while discussing favouritism of sexes, equality is often misread and misinterpreted. Let me rephrase that- men, many a time, are not treated with the same equality, activists protest for! In an effort to minimise that, here’s a gut-wrenching story of a crime, you wouldn’t hear otherwise! 

A 23-year-old man was drugged and repeatedly raped by a gang of three women for three days in eastern Pretoria, South Africa. 

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According to reports, the women force-fed him energy drinks before taking turns raping him numerous times over a period that lasted 72 hours. It was in a taxi where his abusers forcibly injected him with a substance that made him pass out.

That is not it. The miscreants, after raping him for days, abandoned him semi-naked in a field to die. South African Police Service Captain Colette Weilbach said,

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“He stated that he woke up in an unfamiliar room with a single bed. The female suspects then allegedly forced the man to drink an energy drink before taking turns raping him numerous times a day.
The South African Police Service take all sexual offences seriously regardless of gender.  (We assure) all victims of these types of crimes that we will carry out robust investigations to bring offenders to justice.”

With the rising number of rape and murders, against both men and women, Africa is crying crimes. But this is also a reality check. It’s time India opens its ears and eyes to the cries of wronged men too. However, it is sad that it takes horrible crimes like such to draw our attention to epidemics!

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