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June 10, 2017

3 Things You Need To Know About ‘The Mummy’ Reboot

3 Things You Need To Know About ‘The Mummy’ Reboot

‘The Mummy’ Reboot has hit the screens today and it is not a typical horror remake. The film seems to be an ambitious one to do wonders on box office. It tries to give a whole new thriller experience in the world of gods and monsters. So, before you book the tickets for the film, here are few things you need to know:

1- Is Tom Cruise ‘The Mummy’?

The major twist is, whether Tom Cruise is ‘The Mummy’ of the movie title. The speculations arise when Tom Cruise’s character comes back to life.
However, we might spoil your twist as we disclose that-No! Tom Cruise is not the mummy. Infact, he is  Nick Morton, a morally ambiguous tomb raider and he does stunts similar to Mission Impossible. But in this he will have to fight off an ancient undead evil. The eponymous Mummy is played by Sofia Boutella. And the role of archeologist Jenny Halsey is played by Annabelle Wallis.

2- Why Is Dr. Henry Jekyll  in The Mummy?

Dr. Henry Jekyll is in The Mummy for a Reason. Russell Crowe plays Dr. Henry. In The Mummy he’s incharge of an organization called The Prodigium, which is dedicated to tracking down monsters around the world, and it seems as he might be showing his dark side towards the end of the film.  However, it might cross your mind that why did Dr. Henry not have his very own movie instead of integrating in ‘The Mummy’. Well, Alex Kurtzman gives the answer.
He says, “In looking to figure out how to place The Mummy in a larger context and setting up this organization that has actually been dealing with monsters for longer than any of us have been around, it became clear that we needed somebody to be the voice of that organization.”
He further says, “The next thought was like, ‘Well, it could be Joe Mcgillicuddy, or we could actually go into another character that makes sense organically.’”
“It was a real point of conversation with Tom [Cruise]. If we’re going to bring in Henry Jekyll, how is bringing Henry Jekyll into the mummy story not a detractor from the mummy story? How does Henry Jekyll become part of this story in an organic way? And part of what Tom’s character, Nick, learns about the mummy and about the history of the mummy comes through Jekyll’s very deep understanding of monsters and how monsters have existing quietly in this world for eons.”

3- ‘The Mummy’ has Always been a Romance!

The Mummy movies are all about love. They have always been. The evolution has been molded this way. Imhotep, the original Karloff mummy,  was a love story. Alex Kurtzman’s version of The Mummy is following  that tradition.
Alex Kurtzman says, “Mummy movies are about romance. They are. And they started that way, and if you look at the evolution of them it’s always about that. Imhotep, the original Karloff mummy, that was a love story. In fact they borrowed from them and paid homage to it in the ’99 movie. It was about, ‘I’m in love with the pharaoh’s wife, we’re having a secret affair, I get found out, they take me away, they bury me alive, and now I’m the mummy,’”
He adds, “And the thing that’s beautiful, I think, about a lot of these monsters is that there are these very central, basic, human emotions that you can talk about when you talk about these monsters. You can talk about Dracula’s longing for love, you can talk about the Mummy’s longing for love. So as messed up as they may be in terms of their behavior, and they are monsters, there always has to be a rooting and an understandable idea behind why they are who they are. And absolutely there will be a lot of romance in this movie but hopefully in a way that’s unexpected.”

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