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June 14, 2017

10 Strange Laws From The Globe You Won’t Believe Exist!

10 Strange Laws From The Globe You Won’t Believe Exist!

If you are the one who thinks that the laws in the Indian nation are too severe, you are completely wrong. There are places all over the globe, which have the strangest laws prepared that can simply make you go ‘WTF!’ Here are the few –
  1. Milan
Do you know that the people of Milan have to keep themselves with a smiling face constantly, and if they failed to do so they have to pay fine. They only have the option of a non-smiling face while visiting hospitals or attending funerals.
  1. Australia
In Australia’s western portion, it is against the law to have over 50 kilogram of potatoes. The nation’s Potato Marketing business boasts of the right to discontinue and look for any vehicle alleged of carrying so many potatoes.
  1. Florida
In Florida, it’s prohibited for single females to enjoy parachuting games alone on special day of the week i.e. Sunday. You need to get hitched if you wish to enjoy the game on Sunday and if you are not following the rules, you can be locked in a prison.
  1. England
It is against the law to breathe your last breath in the England’s Parliament Houses as if you die, you will be allowed to a state memorial service.
  1. Oklahoma
After 7 PM, people residing in Oklahoma are not allowed to encompass a sleeping donkey in their tubs. But it’s fine to have your donkey with you at 6.59pm.
  1. France
The population of pigs is really annoyed with this one. It seems that, the French people cannot call their darling pigs Napolean. If they find doing this, they will be fined.
  1. Japan
One of the least overweight urbanized nations, Japan has what is called a ‘metabo law’, which turns it against the law to be obese. The Japanese people have to settle below the administration prescribed waist line or confront the consequences.
  1. Switzerland
The Swiss are banned from using flush buttons of their potties after 10 pm. The administration believes it as sound pollution. People can not even ease themselves while getting up after 10 pm.
  1. Chicago
In Chicago, you can not buy or consume cake from a place that’s on fire. Nothing matters how delicious that pastry tastes, you have got to leave it in order to save yourself.
  1. Alabama
In Alabama, you are not allowed to enjoy driving with blindfolds on. This will make you lose the driving licence.

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