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May 4, 2017

We as 90’s kids were guilty of watching these shows! Know about it in detail!

We as 90’s kids were guilty of watching these shows! Know about it in detail!

Those who were born in 90’s can actually relate themselves with this article. In today’s world everyone is obsessed with Netflix and no time to watch TV screens due to the sagas aired by the serials. The traditional set up with the ideal Bahu was set during that time and the vamps also got very famous. These serials were happily watched by the 90’s kids who got addicted to watch these serials in their daily lives. Have a look at the list of the serials watched by the 90’s kid.
  • KyunkiSaas Bhi kabhi Bahu Th: this TV serial was popular having high rate of TRP during the time. This fiction show was started in the year 2000 and it continued for long eight long years. This TV serial was made in the backdrop of Gujarat based on focusing on the ideal daughter in-law Tulasi who was liked by millions at that time. Tulasi was married to MihirVirani who was the grandson of rich business man and the serial had the whole ups and downs focused in their life. The interesting twists and tales of the serial kept the serial run such long.
  • KahaaniGharGharKi: yet another fictions series that was very popular that also ran for 8 long years relating to every family who kept watching it. The serial started from 2000 and ended at 2008 and the faces of the celebrities in the show got ultimate fame with it. The TRP of this show broke all the records and this show was laced over the top drama and conflicts in the family and their routine life.
  • Kasauti Zindagi Ki: this serial also glared up the TV’s of many people watching the serial. The story was focused on the love story between Prerna and Anurag which took away hearts of millions. The beautiful love story started and then came the high voltage drama running for 7 years. This fiction was started in the Year 2001 and ended in the year 2008.
  • Kutumb: this serial was carted focusing on a love hate relationship which gathered interest among the people watching the serial. This story of Pratham and Gauri was beautifully created in the serial and the series was aired in the year 2001 and ended in the year 2003.

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