Vinod Khanna & Firoz Khan died on the same date: Friendship beyond boundaries -


May 3, 2017

Vinod Khanna & Firoz Khan died on the same date: Friendship beyond boundaries

Vinod Khanna & Firoz Khan died on the same date: Friendship beyond boundaries

This is a mourning time for all who love Vinod Khanna and his charm. He left us for his final heavenly abode on 27th of April that was on Thursday. He battled for life for quite a long time from a Bladder cancer which defeated him to take his last breath at 11.20 am on 27th. He will be always remembered as a true legend.
One more thing and the very crucial part of his life was his friendship with the actor- director Firoz Khan. The duo is always remembered for their undying friendship and fond of each other. While they had many similarities to share when they were alive that even almighty led his chance to let them share the date when they die.
Yes, Vinod Khanna and Firoz Khan now share the date of their death also. The both died on 27th of April. Vinod died on 27th April 2017 at Mumbai whereas Firoz on 27th of April 2009 at Bangalore. Even the cause of their death was the same disease Cancer; Vinod had Bladder Cancer and Firoz the lung Cancer. They both were at 70 when they passed away.
Call it a coincidence or almighty’s wish for these true friends’ destiny. Actor Rishi Kapoor tweeted and shared this surprising coincident of the two friends sharing the same date of their deaths.
The two actors were known for their lively and extraordinary persona. Khan was famous for his cowboy looks and a killer personality. Same goes with Khanna who was welcome both as the macho villain and an iconic charming hero.
The first film they did together was Shankar Shambhu in 1976 where they played the title roles of Shankar and Shambhu which was a hit.
The biggest hit of the duo was the 1980 film Qurbani in which other casts were sizzling Zeenat Aman, Amjad Khan, Kadar Khan, Aruna Irani. The movie was directed by Firoz Khan himself and was a remake of an Italian flick. Afterward, they acted together in Dayawan where Madhuri Dixit was the cast opposite Khanna. This was a great hit again in Bollywood.
Zeenat Aman, the hot beauty of that time has shared her feeling on Khanna’s demise that he was a thorough gentleman.

Now, this is called true friendship and when your heart is attached with someone so strongly even God supports you with all his means to make it more strong. Thus there are many sharing for these two friends to be remembered together.

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