TV actress Sanjeeda Shaikh does not want to work with her Hubby! Know why? -


May 4, 2017

TV actress Sanjeeda Shaikh does not want to work with her Hubby! Know why?

TV actress Sanjeeda Shaikh does not want to work with her Hubby! Know why?

TV fame celebrity Sanjeeda Shaikh who has won million of hearts by her stunning looks and skills will soon be seen in the upcoming romantic and drama genre show Love Ka Hai Intezaar. Sanjeeda is happily married to her husband Aamir Ali and the two are very happy with each other personally. Both has shared the screen space in many serials and fiction shows and lastly were seen together in the reality show Power Couple. Now, the actress Sanjeeda does not want to work in any daily soap with her husband. She in an interview with IANS said,” No, we haven’t been offered any fiction show together after kya Dil main hai but we have been offered many non-fiction shows.”
Reason to why Sanjeeda does not want to work with Aamir!
She further added up saying,” I really do not want to work with Aamir in fiction show again as I want to miss my husband. I don’t want to work with him for 14 hours a day, then go home tired and not talk to each other as that would happen eventually. I love going home after a long day at work to myhusband with a fresh mind.” Well the reason is quite satisfying and the actress got fame from her roles in serials like Kya Hogg Nimmo ka,Ek Hasina Th and Ishq ka Rang Safed. Actress Sanjeeda is very happy with her journey of playing different character on television in very short span of time.
Sanjeeda on her talk with IANS said,” I have done versatile characters from the beginning of my career. But, TV defiantly has changed drastically over the last decade. I believe the character is definitely unique and something which I have never done before. I have a gut feeling that this character will stay in audiences mind for the longest time as I am just playing myself on screen. I hope to be known as Kamini Mathur for the coming years as this character is extremely close to my heart. Kamini is a queen of Bollywood but at the same time she has her family values and she is grounded.” Well Sanjeeda we would like to wish all the very best to you for you upcoming fiction show. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips about your favorite star.

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