This Divorced Couple Set Best Co-Parenting Goals Ever -


May 1, 2017

This Divorced Couple Set Best Co-Parenting Goals Ever

This Divorced Couple Set Best Co-Parenting Goals Ever

There is this little angel named Maelyn’s who is 4-years-old.  She is all sorts of lucky to have eternally loving parents.  Here is the sweet story of this little girl.  Maelyn’s parents Ricky and Clara got divorced in 2013.  Though they divorced and moved on in lives with their partners they did not get away from the responsibility of parenting.
They set best co-parenting goals ever for all the future divorce parents.  Ricky and Clara along with their new spouses unite every now and then to provide best parenting for Maelyn.  They altogether participate in birthdays, holidays, soccer games and also hang out so as to create a family environment for Maelyn.
Recently, a picture was shared in the internet that depicts this sweet story of Maelyn and her divorced parents who unite to provide her a better environment. The picture says a lot and has won millions of hearts.  Many online users supported the move of the divorced parents of Maelyn who even after moving in life are making time for their daughter together.
The picture of Maelyn’s real parents and step parents supporting Maelyn at her soccer game is doing rounds all across the internet for every reason possible.  It is not just setting co-parenting goals, but also sending positive vibes and important message about co-parenting.
Pic of divorced couple is going viral for the sweetest reason ever
Ricky and Clara did not let the hurdles in their relationship fall on their little angel.  They went all out and expressed their unconditional love for their daughter in a unique way that no other divorced parents have ever done.
Emilee, step-mom of Maelyn wrote “Because of us, I will never believe co-parenting can’t work!” Maeylyn’s step-mom Emilee wrote. “I KNOW through experience it CAN WORK! Choose to do what’s best for your child and everything will just fall into place.”
Emilee has shared the picture of Maeylyn and her support team that includes her mom, dad, and step-parents on Facebook.  The picture has gone viral since it was shared and has received lots of appreciation from the Facebook users.  The picture received over 33k likes, 84k shares, and thousands of reactions.
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One Facebook user said ‘Yes, it can work, but ALL PARTIES have to be willing to make it work.  That’s the problem’.
Another user wrote “‘So many people commenting ‘hell no’.  Is your child not worth the effort?  It doesn’t matter what your ex did because your child had no control over what happened between you two.  My daughter has a step dad that would die for her.  Nothing me ex did would make me hate on that man.”
Hats off to four of the parents for shouldering their responsibilities so well.

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