These 36 Yet-To-Air TV Shows, Movies Become Hackers New Target As They Get Stolen, Leaked

According to news reports as many as 36-yet-to-air TV shows and movies have been stolen by hacker group ‘TheDarkOverlord’ and they have already started leaking them, starting with ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

The group recently leaked Netflix’s popular show’s upcoming fifth season and said that they have already got access to 36 other shows and movies including few which are “yet-to-air”.

What is more, the shows are not just restricted to Netflix, but from other TV networks as well.

TheDarkOverlord to show authenticity to their claim, reportedly provided with a “preview” link to all the shows they obtained from Larson Studios.

The reports further speculate that this list includes popular shows such as the ‘New Girl’, ‘Superhuman’, and ‘Portlandia’, and movies such as  ‘Handsome’, and a YouTube Red special.

The hackers had earlier demanded “ransom” from Netflix and as they didn’t get it, they started to leak the shows.

While the list is not 100% confirmed yet, it is believed TV shows that have been compromised include, Netflix’s Bill Nye, New Girl, FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, IFC’s Portlandia and CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles, among others.

Meanwhile, the hacked movies include Vin Diesel’s XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World and a YouTube Red original among others.

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