These 14 Captions On The Girls T-shirt Will Definitely Turn You On

A T-shirt with a caption in it is the best part of wearing it. Girls after wearing T-shirt and a caption written on it can take things to the next level with all the $*xual captions and body shape T-shirt to flaunt their curves. It can definitely turn on a guy, but don’t take these captions seriously because girls are not aware of what they are wearing and its double meaning.  

Such a nice caption to let the world grow and to make love!

Sorry Dear! People cannot see that you are holding a gun to call you boyish.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Must be having a lot of hidden tricks!

Of course! Your short t-shirt says it all.

Nobody cares about perfection! All they need is pleasure.

Hurry! Grab the offer.

Some sacrifices are pleasurable as well.

She is definitely a coder!

Since you are not sure, I am quite certain that I can assure you once you give me a chance to find out!

Did you mean slide your hands?

Quite a gamer she is!

Give me a chance to decide whether you are lying or not?

You gotta cover!

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