The Unexpected Friendship: Ad getting viral for all the right reason -


May 4, 2017

The Unexpected Friendship: Ad getting viral for all the right reason

The Unexpected Friendship: Ad getting viral for all the right reason

The OlX advertisement which shows a friendship between a shopkeeper and an Army man is suggesting many things and many aspects. All goo though.
Olx has always had impressive ad videos with some genuine message besides its motive to make people understand the importance of used products. The ads are suggestive to tell the message that every used thing which might be of no use for someone has its certain value and takers.
That’s the message in the 1.5-minute story of the unexpected friendship of OLX. The video has the sets of Kashmir where a shopkeeper Bashir turns out to be a true friend of the army man Rajesh.
The story starts with a phone call attended by the officer Rajesh in the PCO of the shop owner Bashir. Over the call, Rajesh’s wife gave him the good news that she has delivered a girl child which makes Rajesh very happy. At the same time, his face turns out sad with the disappointment of being unable to go to his place and see her newly born daughter’s first look. Bashir was watching all this and while thinking to help his friend his mind enlightened with the idea and he clicked the photo of his old handset and posted an ad on OLX. The phone got sold and he added some more money and bought a smartphone. He then called Rajesh’s wife and got the picture of his daughter on the phone and ran towards Army camp and showed the incredible picture of his daughter.
This was a surprise for Rajesh for many reasons like never expected to see a pic of his daughters like this and that too from Bashir. This was an unexpected one yet pleasant feeling that a friend has understood so deep and took the pain to make another friend cheer up.
This is not only a normal friendship rather it shows the building trust of Indian Army among the J&K ( Jammu & Kashmir) people; having faith even after disparity. The friendship beyond boundaries.
This OLX ad has relived the believe that friendship is a relation which is above all and it doesn’t see boundaries of religion, caste, status, society, money or any such things for that matter. All the acts are done to see a happy face of your friend and make him feel that what may come you are always there with him.

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