Remember The Human Barbie? THIS Is What She Looks Like Now -


May 4, 2017

Remember The Human Barbie? THIS Is What She Looks Like Now

When you are growing up, you have no idea where you want to be in life. There are so many lifestyle choices to choose from and many passions and avenues could be followed. It becomes difficult to analyze where you want to be. But what if you become someone and then are uncomfortable with it? What if it is unsatisfying, even though you got what you thought you wanted? Often, what you think would be perfect for you, isn't so much when you come closer to it. Similarly,  Valeria Lukyanova may have finally found what works for her.

Lukyanova first attained name as a model.

Since childhood, she wanted to look like her favorite toy, barbie. She wanted to achieve that figure.

Thus, she struggled in her adulthood to achieve that shape.

She quickly won the battle, when she started to be called "human barbie" and gained popularity.

Many thought she has undergone plastic surgery to make it possible.

But Lukyanova maintained that the only procedure she had was on her breasts. It was the make-up tricks which enabled her face to look doll-like.

Her body perfectly looked like artificial doll.

With daily workouts, Lukyanova achieved the slender figure and believed that food is not necessary for survival as only air and light is sufficient. This belief is also termed, “breatharianism.”

This was of course a bad influence on youngsters.

The critics have named the practice as a “potentially lethal pseudoscience.” as several breatharians have starved to death living on cosmic micro food.

Fortunately, she found new inspiration.

She said she now wants to have Amazonian look and thus, changed her eating habits and workout regimen. She stopped playing dangerous rules with her life.

She is closer to her goal now.

But her journey hasn't been only physical as she has developed more interests as well. She has become quite passionate about music. She said, “When I’m singing, it’s like a deep trance for me. Music will help people relax and make a journey into their hidden places inside.”

She describes herself as an “opera new-age” singer.

Her career is moving now as she is making EDM music as Space Barbie and had released her single “Jack Your Barbie” teaming up with fellow Ukranian DJ Sender.

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