Reaction Of This Child When She Hear Her Mother's Voice For First Time Will Make Your Eyes Teary -


May 4, 2017

Reaction Of This Child When She Hear Her Mother's Voice For First Time Will Make Your Eyes Teary

 Infants enter into this world with the primary attachment to a mother. Mother and a child relation is one of the strongest bond in nature. It is so pure, sweet and remarkable. They share an extreme affection, warmth and closeness with each other. We cannot describe it in words. And, what if your baby cannot speak, hear or see? Completely speechless!
It was the first time when a doctor named Dr. Alana Grajewski visually examined a 2- year old toddler Nicolly and noticed that the young girl started fleeing around behind her. Like other children, she was not even crawling nor walking.
Daiana Pereira, the girl’s mom, believed her daughter to be deaf, blind and developmentally challenged. The family belongs to the rural parts of Brazil where doctors said Pereira that getting Nicole to see, speak and hear was a defeated cause of extreme despair. Several surgeries were performed but of extreme failure.

Her Mother Didn't Lose Faith

Then also, her mother didn’t lose faith and wanted to try their luck in America with the assistance of some foundation. Jackson Helth Foundation’s International Kids Fund and the Kevin Garcia Foundation availed an amount of $17000 to travel there.

Doctor Come To Know That Child Is Not Deaf

First of all, the doctors put their hands by examining Nicolly’s ears. After investigation, they discovered something crucial. The child was not deaf but had water buildup in her inner ears. After a short span of 30 minutes, the girl who was not able to hear her mother’s voice could hear perfectly fine.

Childhood Glaucoma

Afflicted with childhood glaucoma, Nicolly had never seen light even after going through several surgeries. The damage was unrecoverable but Dr. Alana Succeeded in the First attempt of surgery. Now, the child was able to see.

Watch This Child’s Reaction When She Listened Her Mother’s Voice For The First Time

“The only word that can be used to describe the feeling is ‘God,’” Pereira told the Miami Herald. “My daughter is free now. She now shines more than before. She has now become a reference for people who didn’t believe in miracles.”
“All of a sudden, she realized: ‘Oh my gosh, that’s my mom.’ And her mother could tell the recognition. It was just one of those moments — priceless,” Dr. Grajewski said.

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