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May 2, 2017

Punjabi Police Sub Inspector marrying the same sex love is a big example!

Punjabi Police Sub Inspector marrying the same sex love is a big example!

India is a nation where the adaptability process in any matter is very less. People tend to have a particular belief and they just try to stick to that belief passing it to generations and generations. But, the nation is trying to accept the changes as per today’s world and it is gearing towards being a developed country. People are changing their mind to be good and kind and accept the people and love them for what they are. This saying can prove you to be true with news that I will be sharing here in this article.
SI Manjit Kaur marries her love of same sex!
A Punjabi police Sub-inspector sets an example by getting married with the lover of her life making it be not a common one. The Punjabi officer Manjit Kaur has married her love of the same sex at the Pucca Bagh, Punjab and this marriage were accepted by both the families who were seen showing blessing to the couple along with other guests. As per the sources, this marriage in something unusual one to see and the families of both sides were in full support and consent to the marriage.
The Kaur and his family set a huge example for the citizens of India in prosecuting them to accept people for their choices and respect them equally. The nation so changing and so should we. The Sub-inspector of Punjab has also worn a red color turban on wedding day while riding the chariot along with her bride. The wedding took place as per the Hindu rituals and there were many people seen at the wedding. Manjit’s classmates and her colleagues along with other Police officers also took part in the wedding to make it a successful affair and offered their sheer blessing to the couple.
This marriage marks a huge example of being one of its kinds and also teaches us the lesson of the path in progress. It is very difficult to accept such unusual marriages in the country but by god’s grace and with the family support, the wedding happened to be a successful one and the celebration went on just like it happens in a normal wedding. We truly admire Manjit, her love, friends and the family for showing their support for the couple. We would like to wish the newlywed couple a very happy married life.

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