Pakistani Person Calls Himself as an ISI Agent at IGI Airport, Delhi -


May 4, 2017

Pakistani Person Calls Himself as an ISI Agent at IGI Airport, Delhi

Pakistani Person Calls Himself as an ISI Agent at IGI Airport, Delhi

One of the men from Pakistan has revealed his identity at Indira Gandhi International Airport in the nation capital calling himself as an ISI agent. Despite being an ISI agent, he finally revealed his wish of discontinuing his work as an agent to Pakistan. He then said that he wishes to settle down in India leaving behind his background in Pakistan itself. He made this statement at the International Airport in India while getting off an Air India flight from Dubai to New Delhi. After getting off from the flight, the Pakistani Passenger said these words:
“Hello, I am an ISI agent. But I don’t wish to continue any further and want to remain in India.”
Pakistani Spy Announces to Settle in India
Identifying this man as Muhammad Ahmad Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq reached the International Airport in Delhi and went to the help desk. He then told a lady who stood at the counter that he wished to share some information regarding the snooping agency in Pakistan and other agency namely Inter-Services Intelligence. Listening to it, the lady immediately informed this to the security personnel at the airport. The security people took him into custody and called the Central Intelligence Agency.
Muhammad Ahmad Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq is a 38 years old Pakistani person who had allegedly came to India saying that he had completed left the ISI agency. During the interrogation process, Rafiq said that he had connections with ISI. He had shown some papers from his bag so as to prove that he had connections with ISI in Pakistan.
But, due to some reasons, he finally decided to give it up and remain in India completely. He told all these to the officials who had interrogated him after his alleged statements. That’s the reason; Rafiq didn’t take the coming flight and planned to discontinue his journey. Eventually, he went near the help desk counter in the airport and surrendered to the Airport Security forces.
After the interrogation, the officials took him to some other anonymous destination in the country. There, some of the Indians snoopers from different Central Intelligence Agencies have questioned him and brought the truth from the surrendered ISI agent.

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