Pakistan Hacker Crew hacks the DU, AMU, IIT websites! Know more! -


May 2, 2017

Pakistan Hacker Crew hacks the DU, AMU, IIT websites! Know more!

Pakistan Hacker Crew hacks the DU, AMU, IIT websites! Know more!

Message replaced on visiting the website later!
The Delhi University and other Aligarh Muslim Universities websites were hacked by the Pakistani hackers on Tuesday. The website of the Delhi University, IIT-D and Aligarh Muslim university got hacked this Tuesday and the hackers as a response to hacking by an Indian hacker on the Pakistani railway’s website. There were also messages that got removed later on like: in solidarity with the innocent Kashmir people being killed by the Indian Army.” This news has gone viral in the news and at around 3.30, the website was visited by the visitors who came to a notice that the interface of the major educational institutions was been replaced with a message for the government and people of India.
The replacement of the message was done much earlier and it also had a soundtrack of the Pakistani rock band “ZEEST” being played in the background. There were altogether three messages on the official website along with two videos of the alleged brutalities committed by the Indian troops in Kashmir. The messages were “greetings Government of India and the people of India. Do you know what your so-called heroes are doing in Kashmir? Do you know they are killing many innocent people in Kashmir?”
The screenshots of the mobile version of the hacked IIT Delhi website displays pro-Pakistan Messages had been shown on social websites. The hackers when investigated upon came to be identified as the PHC-Pakistani Haxors Crew. This hacker has also left a message on all the three websites “Stuck by PHC”. The entire motive of the hackers was not to delete or steal any source of data from the sites but to convey a message to the government and people of India.
The State of Kashmir is been attacked by terrorists these days and the hackers claim that the innocent people are dying at no fault of them. The hacker on the other side also says that the hack is in the response to Code-Man’s hack of the and the innocent people in the Kashmir are being killed by the Indian Army. They also claimed further saying that “Kashmir will become Pakistan”.  The ABVP national media had further commented on this and said that the DU cannot manage one website and they are also talking about conducting online examination this year.” For more updates and information stay connected with us.

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