Never Sleep With Your Pets, Do Not Risk Your Life! Here's Why -


May 4, 2017

Never Sleep With Your Pets, Do Not Risk Your Life! Here's Why

Dog is a man’s best friend but sometimes we tend to forget that they are “animals” only. Just like we can’t share our food with them, it’s better not to share the bed with them either. Heartbroken to hear that? Well, it’s still true. Even I have a pet dog and I love him the most and make him sleep on my bed beside me. But it’s not healthy and we better stop doing that. Here is why:

Dog Is Our Kid

We believe dog is our little baby who we have to take care of and it’s amazing how they can pour their selfless love on us, right? When they come to you wagging their tails when you get back home, it is tough to keep them at distance even when you are home. You let them lick your face and you like it, don’t you?

But Comes The Parasites

The parasites can infect your dog’s fur and they can be harmful to both you and them. But dogs still have a resistance to it, but when it reaches you, it could cause several problems. You might think your dog is clean and its totally safe, but it still isn’t.


You should get your pets de-worm time to time as it is best to keep your loved one safe and free from any disease. Only proper grooming is not sufficient as you have no idea what they eat or do behind your back, right? Didn’t you see secret life of pets?

Groom Them

I know you already do, but you should keep visiting your vet to be sure and to get all his vaccines on time.

Once In Four Months

even more frequently when they are babies, but once they are grown up, you should still get them de-wormed once in four months and keep their health in check by visiting a vet that often, unless you yourself want to get infected.

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