Love for Homeland Made an Indian Engineer to Quit his Lucrative Job in Germany -


May 4, 2017

Love for Homeland Made an Indian Engineer to Quit his Lucrative Job in Germany

Love for Homeland Made an  Indian Engineer to Quit his Lucrative Job in Germany

Kuber Shah is an Engineer of Indian Origin who came back India after spending 15 years in Germany. He has become a top Instagrammar these days and has got many followers in Social Media. He is a photographer by chance.

Kubesr pursued Industrial Engineering in Germany and started working there. He initially worked as a power plant consultant and later moved to a law firm as a consultant. He confessed that he lived a dream life anyone usually likes to have. He said even after going all well, he missed his hometown very much. His desire to come back home became profound when he recently visited Mumbai. His fascination with the city where he has grown up is unmatchable. He added that he has a very special bond with the city and it’s a part of him. He declared that he didn’t want to be anywhere else apart from his city Mumbai.

As he was planning to come back home, his house was robbed with all his stuffs gone. His laptop, hard disks and other documents all were stolen before his move from Berlin. He was disappointed with the loss os memories kept in the hard disks so he decided to capture some of the memories again and took some photographs to make a documentary. He always had an affinity with a camera and photography. He started organizing all such pictures and later on sharing those on Instagram.

The Instagramm journey of photo sharing initiated with an image displayed at the  Märkisches Museum of  Berlin. This was an image of a contemporary Berlin with a lady standing on historic Potzdamer Platz. Afterwadrs the sharing of picture never stopped.

You can watch his shared pictures on iNstagram and will fall in love with his art. Getting back to Mumbai was his another enjoyable moment in his life. He found his old city turn out to be quite different and full of surprises which he captured every while he was out. He sahred the picture of the new architecture of Mumbai city apart from many marvellous clicks of him. He named the series of Mumbai Photo shared on Instagram as “Doors of Mumbai”.

 What do you call him, an Engineer, a Consultant or a Photographer. Whatever you want it’s your wish but he is truly an expert of what he does. His love for photography can be judged with his instagram posts.

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