Know the Full forms of the famous Brands you use! -


May 4, 2017

Know the Full forms of the famous Brands you use!

Know the Full forms of the famous Brands you use!

These days brands have become the most essential part of life and people have become so brand conscious. Right from a kid to adult everyone is becoming brand freak. We use the brands but the most embarrassing part is that we do not know their full forms. But, in this article I will bring to you all the full forms of the most used brands. You can now get to know all the full forms of the brands used by you after reading it.
Full forms of Famous branded companies:
  • H&M: the full form is Hennes and Mauritz. Hennes means hers in Swedish and was the actual name of the original store. Mauritz was the name of the shop acquired by H&M founder Erling person who later joined up both the words together.
  • LG: the full form of the brand is Lucky Chemical and the company was originally called as Gold star. The word lucky was added after a merger with LG cable in 1995.
  • FCUK: This Company was started by French connection using “FCUK” after getting the ideas from the faxes between Hong Kong and UK which were further headed FCHK to FCUK.
  • IBM: IBM stands for international Business machine and this company was originally originated in the year 1911 as the Computing –Tabulating-recording Company which was later renamed as the International Business Machines by the year 1924.
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  • FIAT: the full form if FIAT is Fabbrica Italian an Automobili Torino, which means “Italian automobile factory of Turin.”
  • HTC: the HTC is a Taiwanese Company that stands for High tech Computer.
  • BMW: the full form of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke which means Bavarian Motor works. This brand is used by many people and is my personal favorite.
  • BPL:  the British Physical Laboratories BPL got the name after the founder TPG Naimbar who had worked extensively in UK and later decided to name his company as BPL.
  • DKNY: DKNY means Donna Karan New York which was named after the founder Donna Karan and the city which was also founded by him, which is New York.
  • JBL: JBL is basically an audio company that was founded by James Bullough Lansing in the year 1946 and then he decided to use his initials as the name of the company and termed is at JBL.

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