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May 3, 2017

Kardashian Sisters Are Unrecognisable In Throwback Beach Photos

Time sure does fly! Do you remember sitting in front of the television with your eyes glued to the TV show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"? Well, it has been ten years since it first aired. In these 10 years, the stars look so different and apparently their lives have also changed. They looked so young and innocent back then and the recent pictures will amaze you. Along with it, their fashion sense has also changed. Here is time to reminisce the past and notice all the difference in the sisters since then.

Changed the approach towards being

In the recent posts, you can see Kim sporting a black swimsuit with a gold chain link belt, Kourtney is seen wearing a two-tone creation and Khloe is wearing a pink and purple tasseled number. But she has changed her approach for being famous aslo as Kim in a video blog said, “Every time I’d go to the gym or go eat, every paparazzi would ask me questions and I would be like: ‘Hey guys!’ Like, I so wanted the attention.”

Friend Jonathan discussed the rules with her.

It is basically because of her friend Jonathan Cheban who discussed with her the rules to be followed in order to be famous. He said, "This has got to stop. Do you think Victoria Beckham sits and does all these interviews? Do you think everyone else has smiles on their faces? You are too happy, you are smiling way too much. Put your sunglasses on." Well, I wonder if the advice has affected her in any way.

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