It Looks Like A Woman Diving. But Look Closer And You Will Be Amazed -


May 4, 2017

It Looks Like A Woman Diving. But Look Closer And You Will Be Amazed

Just gaze at this amazing picture, you must be thinking that the lady is diving, but you will surely get amazed by knowing that it is a piece of art. Yes! Gustavo Silva Ninez is the artist behind this incredible lifelike painting. He makes amazing live paintings of women and men in the water. He uses light and reflections to make a piece of art three dimensional.To make things even more attractive, he often poses with paintings in a way to make it appear he is about to go inside the water. His work is nothing short of marvelous. Give a glance at some of his amazing art pieces and you’ll be influenced.

OMG! It is Looking Real and Beautiful

It seems He is Splashing Water On Her, And She is Enjoying!

Who Would Say That It is Not Real?

This Tattoo Man Seems Relaxing in Water!

The Lady is Enjoying Her Time Under Water!

I can’t stop staring at this image. It really feels like she is about to emerge from the water and splash me.

Under Water Tattoo Art!

It seems He Is Really Holding Her Hand!

Open Mouth of Shark is Really Scary!

Amazing Art Work, I Must Say!

It Seems Experience is Painful for Her!

Two Women Enjoying Water Ride With Artist!

OMG! This is Incredible!

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