Is your smartphone smarter than you? Find out! -


May 2, 2017

Is your smartphone smarter than you? Find out!

Is your smartphone smarter than you? Find out!

Views expressed by the author are its own!
Grabbing all the latest technology these days, the smartphones have become way smarter and they are actually smarter than you. The author Twinkle Khanna has said, Dude, your Phone’s smarter than you! Well is this true? Let’s find out. At around 9 am a story, the author says that she has got 11 missed calls from an unknown number and then a message: who are you? On my husband’s mobile your number is saved and a lot of WATS up…now, why not pick up mobile and talk… Wife use Dar lag Raha hai kya?” soon after reading the message finding out that the person seems to be agitated, I replied,” I am going to help you. I have no clue that your husband is, my name is Twinkle Khanna and I hope that help calms you down a bit.”
The lady after an hour or so had made a conclusion that my number is similar to her unknown nemesis. It is very important to learn and know your numbers. At around 11.30 AM, the author says I was driving to my work and goes through all the news and that day came to a discovery that the citizens have gone swords by brandishing their smartphones. The people walking the streets and so much into their smartphones where the CEO of the Snapchat also mentioned out,” this app is not as poor as India.
Then as time went on and when clock stricken 7.30pm, I discovered while been busy with Mummy Ji (mother-in-law) that the fellow Indians were busy in their smartphones with the Sonu Nigam’s tweet about the Azaan disturbing his sleep. This made people start their troll making him be the assaulting and such was not being done by common people but also by the people of the industry. The government of India has promised that by the end of 2019, every Indian citizen will have a smartphone. It would rather be better if the government focus on making the citizens read properly first.
This could probably reduce the illiteracy rate of the country to some extent. But no, nobody is bothered by it. Moreover, trolling the singer Sonu Nigam on the social media is disgusting as well. The posts were further followed by many of them who also kept asking which Sonu? Sonu Sood or Sonu Nigam?

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