How Do Blind People Dream -


May 4, 2017

How Do Blind People Dream

Dreams are certain images, combined with sensations, emotions that occur involuntarily in our mind during our sleep. Most of dreams are forgotten by the time you wake up. However blessed are people who have vision to see dreams. What about  blind people who don’t have vision.
Do blind people dream too and how do they dream, what does research say:

The Research

Danish researchers conducted a study on 50 people out of which 25 people were blind and 25 had vision. Among those 25 people who were blind, 11 were blind from birth and 14 had turned blind after age of 1.
The participants were told that for four weeks whenever they dream, they will fill a computerized questionnaire as soon as they woke up. For the blind participants text –to-speech software was used.

The Questionnaire

The questionnaire asked about several aspects of dream. These included Sensory impressions, emotional content and thematic contents.

The Result-The Dreams Revolved Around Sensory Information

The result of the research revealed that blind people can dream. They dream just as they live with rich mix of sensory information.
Among the blind participants 18% of them reported tasting against 7% with sight, 30% of blinds reported smelling in their dreams against 15% with vision. Similarly almost 70 % of blind reported dreams with touch sensations against 45% with visions and 86% of blinds reported hearing against e 64% with sight.
Despite these sensory differences, the emotional and thematic content of dreams wasn’t much different for both the group of participants. Both the groups of blind and sighted, reported same number of interactions, successes and failures.


We can conclude that though the blind people use sensory information during their dream, their dreams and our dreams are no different.

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