From Being A Lost Security Guard To A Viral Singing Sensation, Ratan Gadhavi Is A True Inspiration To Us

Talent seeks no boundaries. It is almost everywhere, in each single human being, exists some talent or the other. Also, talent and fame might not get along for everyone, those who find it are lucky! The latest example is that of Ratan Gadhavi, who’s life took a major turn.

It is difficult to imagine a security guard, getting viral over the social media, for all good reasons. In the last few days, a video has been circulating over the internet in which Ratan Gadhavi, a security guard has been spotted singing ‘Gori Radha ne Kalo Kaan’ from the 2016 Gujarati Film, ‘Wrong Side Raju’. In the video, the 20-year-old guy is seen sitting on a chair and almost driving us insane over his powerful voice.

Here is the video!

The most interesting part of the story – Ratan Gadhavi was spotted by an RJ from RedFM 93.5 in Ahmedabad. RJ Devaki somehow got to find the Gadhavi and also invited him on her morning show. She also titled her show as ‘Anmol Ratan’ which aptly suited the story of his hard-work and talent. The RJ also conducted a Facebook live session and then introduced the budding singer to her Facebook fans.

She later asked him to sing a few songs in Bollywood and Sufi genre. It has also been known to many that the guard has no formal training, yet sings effortlessly. The RJ later introduced him to famous music directors- Sachin-Jigar. Moved by Gadhavi’s exceptional singing skills, Sachin expressed his desire to work together on some projects in future.
This story is indeed a true inspiration to many of us. This is to all people, who are born with talents, never let your spirit die! Who knows, someone somewhere might be waiting for you! Celebrate your skills, what if you do not have enough money, you have social media which is the biggest powerful means of communication. Go ahead, start it today!

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